LightBurn 0.8.00 - New license system, booleans, machine settings, and more

LightBurn 0.8.00 - New license system, booleans, machine settings, and more

This is a big one for us.

First, we've upgraded to the latest version of our license system. This gives us more flexibility with our licensing system, as well as better tools for tracking issues when problems arise. All user licenses have been transferred to the new system. You'll have to enter your license code again, but the transition should otherwise be invisible to you. We hope the transition will be smooth, but if you have issues with it, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or messenger.

Second, we've added new boolean operations: Union, Intersection, and Subtract. Each of these operates on exactly two objects, but each of those can be a grouped object, allowing for very fine control over how they work.

Third, we now have support for Ruida controller settings (Edit -> Machine Settings). Not all machine settings are currently exposed, as we still have some work to do in the UI, but the most common ones, like motor steps, acceleration, homing, and so on are present.

There are also quite a few additions and bug fixes too:

  • Windows version sets file association on startup
  • Added 'Set Cut Origin / Direction' tool (still needs to be integrated into cut planner)
  • Added "Project not found" message if trying to load a file that does not exist
  • Fixed a hard crash in certain fonts (Albertus MT)
  • Added checks to ignore 0 radius circles and ellipses in SVG files
  • Fixed a bug in DXF bulge handling of the final point in a closed loop, when certain flags were present
  • Fixed a bug in DXF spline loops where the last segment could flatten
  • DXF spline reconstruction is now 50% faster (most noticeable on large files)
  • DXF files now ignore 'spline frame' control vertices (certain files imported incorrectly)
  • DXF files now ignore hidden objects / layers
  • Fixed a bug in the GCode generator for rounding negative numbers that could cause them to roll-over
  • Auto-discard malformed paths (paths with no lines / curves, just vertices)
  • Fixed mirror across a line not including line object transform
  • Fixed an issue with clipboard copy/paste not updating cut entries properly
  • Fixed an issue with bulge on LWPolyLine shapes with only two vertices
  • Auto-save timing can be adjusted or disabled entirely
  • Material Library properly sorts thicknesses >= 10mm

As always, get the latest using "Check for Updates" or grab it from our downloads page.

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