LightBurn 0.7.04 - System clipboard support, Ruida USB connectivity fix, and a few others

LightBurn 0.7.04 - System clipboard support, Ruida USB connectivity fix, and a few others

This is a small release, mostly to address the issue with Ruida USB devices not connecting for some people. It's only been a few days since our last release, but we managed to squeeze in a few new features.

System clipboard support

LightBurn will now use the system clipboard for copy and paste. This means if you have two copies of LightBurn open, you can copy things from one to the other. While we were at it, we added the ability to paste images and text from the clipboard directly into LightBurn too. Right-click an image on a website and choose "Copy Image" and you can paste it into LightBurn.  Copy some text from a window, paste it into LightBurn. We got a little carried away.

Long-form of the Arrange toolbar is back

Some people like every tool available with a single button press, and others have small monitors where space is at a premium. In trying to make the small-monitor crowd happy, we angered a few of the large-monitor people, proving once again that no good deed goes unpunished. Now you can choose the one you like.

User-adjustable movement increments

The settings window now has user settings for the different 'nudge' combinations when moving shapes (currently fixed to mm, but will be updating them to work in Inch and mm shortly)

Other Changes

  • Ctrl and Shift now work when using the jog buttons in the Move window too. They'll move Distance / 5 (Ctrl) or Distance x 5 (Shift)
  • The preview window now remembers its position and size
  • Fixed a bug in certain DXF files (empty block references could crash)
  • Un-checking the pass-through option now re-enables the dither setting

As always, use Help -> Check for updates, or get it from our download page

Thanks for supporting LightBurn!

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