LightBurn 0.7.03 released - Auto save, Ruida dot mode, Distribute, and a lot of bug fixes

LightBurn 0.7.03 released - Auto save, Ruida dot mode, Distribute, and a lot of bug fixes

This version primarily addresses a lot of bugs and small usability tweaks, but there are few new features we'd like to call out:

Auto-save: Every 2 minutes, LightBurn will save a backup copy of whatever you're working on.  If it's an existing file, the backup will be saved next to the original. If it's a new file, it'll be "AutoSave_xxx.lbrn" in your documents folder. If LightBurn crashes, these files should contain a very recent version of your work, and save you some headaches. We'll be making the auto-save interval editable in the near future.

Distribute: Select a number of items and you can distribute them evenly across your page, vertically or horizontally, either by making their centers an equal distance apart, or given them equal spacing between them.

Move to XY: The move window now has a numeric entry box that will let you move the laser to a user-entered absolute location.

UI Cleanup: We've cleaned up the UI, folding a number of the related buttons together into drop-button menus. This makes it easier to use the software on laptops or smaller displays where space is tight.

Language: Language files are now included in Mac and Linux versions, and your language preference is remembered.

Dot Mode: Ruida controllers now support Dot Mode in the cut settings window. We prefer the smoother motion of perforation mode, but for some materials, dot mode is ideal.


Here's a complete list of the changes and fixes:

  • Added auto save functionality
  • Added "distribute by centers" and "distribute padding" functions
  • Numeric entry JogXY in Move window
  • Compacted Align and Set Position menus into sub-context menus
  • Rubber-band frame returns to start position
  • Reduced "reposition threshold distance" for points in the camera alignment wizard
  • Added support for Marlin tool index (IE, laser on fan 0, 1, 2 , etc)
  • Added support for dot mode on Ruida devices
  • Old auto-join code was still active for DXF lines, and could join things on different color layers (fixed)
  • Added EagleLaser (re-branded Ruida) support
  • Now storing / restoring language setting
  • Changed (Auto) to (Choose) when auto-connect is not supported
  • Added function to open prefs folder, for those occasions where it's helpful
  • Fixed camera undistort resulting in gray image bug
  • Fixed DXF importer bug : now supporting multiple references to the same block/insert object
  • Fixed rotation of block insert refs
  • Fixed an AI export bug where open paths were exported as closed, inserting extra lines
  • Fixed an AI import bug where removing an empty shape could cause the next shape to be incomplete
  • Delete Duplicates now marks project as modified
  • Fixed a bug where clicking multiple times on the 'center-to-center' buttons in the grid array would alter the spacing
  • Fixed having "Fast Whitespace Skip" enabled with a speed of 0 generated invalid GCode
  • Fixed language deployment on Mac & Linux
  • Fixed a bug with GCode generation for rotary when moves are nearly infinitely short
  • Now persisting the "Support Height" value for Emblaser2 machines
  • Tweaked license handler to not constantly annoy when grace period has passed (can't contact server)
  • Added a warning about unsupported text objects in SVG files
  • Better handling of embedded sub-object streams in AI files (more files handled)
  • Better handling of scaled shapes in shape optimizer, and added more range (larger numbers)
  • Disabled Z Focus button for GRBL (not supported by firmware)
  • Fixed missing storage of rotary object object diameter in roller mode
  • Applying license no longer requires restart
  • Add the name of the GCode profile to the top of the file as a comment, just in case
  • Added a check for S-range support in case the user switches a device from GRBL to Smoothie
  • Fixed a bug in the 'Send xxxx file' dialog where GCode extensions were incorrect

As usual, use the "Check for Updates" feature, or get it from our download page.

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