LightBurn 0.7.02 Released - Camera improvements, transparent images, lots of fixes

LightBurn 0.7.02 Released - Camera improvements, transparent images, lots of fixes

This one took a while. The biggest change is that the camera lens and alignment wizards have been completely re-written, making the process much simpler to follow. There's no more chessboard capture either - you now use your laser to mark a calibration pattern onto a piece of material to align the camera, making it much more precise, and a lot easier.

There have been a number of new additions, and a lot of bug fixes, so bear with us:


  • Transparent PNGs now keep their transparency, and still work correctly when tracing, negating, and dithering
  • Ruida devices now have full Z-axis support
  • Older Grbl firmware (1.1e or earlier) now supported
  • There's a new button to save the preview image
  • AI importing ignores zero-length objects, or "curves" that are actually straight lines (helps with duplicate removal)
  • Delete Duplicates has been improved for imported AI files
  • Added user-programmable macros to the console for gcode users
  • Added "Mirror across a line" feature
  • Frame / O-Frame with "Cut Selected" now frames only the current selection
  • Node edit mode now highlights the first point in a shape (prep for specifying the cut start)
  • French, German, and Dutch translations (still ongoing)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when importing PDF / AI files with embedded images
  • Fixed a bug where tracing very light images didn't work
  • Fixed a crash when trying to import binary DXFs
  • Fixed a comms issue with some Ruida controllers when framing
  • Fixed bugs when framing after cutting on gcode devices
  • Cancelling "Open project" now actually cancels.
  • "Fire Laser" button is now auto-disabled when starting a job
  • Perforation settings are now properly saved
  • DXFs with scaled / rotated block insert references are now supported
  • SVG files with 'T'-style quadratic curves are now supported
  • Lots of numeric displays were updated to properly support Inch mode
  • GCode in international locales now correctly emits without commas
  • Fixed a "sometimes" bug with GCode precision in Inch mode
  • Fixed an issue where changing from inch to mm with a cut selected could alter the stored speed value
  • Fixed a bug when joining a line and a curve where the curve would shoot to the origin

 As always, use the "Check for Updates" feature or download from our download page.

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