LightBurn v0.7.00 - lots of small fixes, but a big version bump

Usually we bump the big number every time something major gets added that takes us closer to what we think of as "version 1.0", or "not Beta".  In this case, that's support for rotary and major improvements to node editing.  There are a bunch of other things too.


  • PgUp / PgDown push things forward/backward in the on-screen draw order. This means if you have a bitmap in front of a vector, you can "push" the bitmap down so it's "under" the vector in the display, instead of sitting on top of it.
  • There's now a separate speed value for Z moves in the move window
  • We've added buttons for jogging an A-axis rotary (GCode users)
  • Shift + Click on a layer selects all the items on that layer (and un-groups them if necessary). There's also a menu item: Edit -> Select all shapes on current cut layer
  • Dragging a point onto another point in node-edit mode will connect them automatically, even joining separate shapes together
  • Frame / O-Frame will now frame only the items set to output
  • Saving an empty project will now save ALL cut settings, allowing the "empty" file to be used as a settings template
  • We've added an offline (PDF) version of the documentation that will be available from a link on our documentation page


  • Numeric entry controls for size / position work now update properly
  • Fixed several bugs in camera capture and chessboard sizing
  • Fixed a crash when loading an SVG with empty shapes
  • Fixed a bug in handling AI / PDF files with deeply nested transforms
  • Increased allowable scanning offset range to +/- 30mm
  • Fixed air-assist not disabling on Ruida controllers
  • Fixed rotary dialog not properly updating when options changed on Mac
  • Mac now adds the correct extension when saving cut files

As always, Help -> Check for Updates, or get it from the download page.

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